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What is Icarus?

ICARUS project focuses on improving access to air transportation for disabled people and the elderly. ICARUS brings relevant stakeholders together to identify and characterize the most relevant research needs and technical solutions. The ICARUS project intends to foster accessibility in the air transport thorough defining the existing barriers and proposing R&D solutions that can set a framework for policy influencing.

diagram of Accesibility chain: booking + airport access + airport information + airport physical + aircabin + airport shuttle +chain replication in the destiny


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  • 27/06/2014 Madrid Accessibility Week (Opening day) As it was announced previously, the five pannels of the MAK took place in Madrid with very positive feedback from the attendants
  • 24/06/2014 ICARUS Project 2nd Workshop 26th June - 2014 After 2 years of work the project comes to an end. We invite you to participate in the final findings of the project which will open the doors to the recommendations that will be transferred to the EC to improve access to Air transportation to people with disabilities and elderly ... We invite you to participate in the event in which the most important aspects of the project and the solutions and best practices that we have found over 2 year will be discussed.

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Fundación ONCE

The Icarus Consortium is selected on the basis of excellence criteria. This project is led by: Fundación ONCE

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The leaflet offers a short presentation of the ICARUS Project, its main goals, the Consortium members and the context in which the Project is developed: the opportunities for air transportation to be more accessible.

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